An Evening on DOG Street

It’s twilight

Lightning bugs are the sentinels of the night

Crickets and frogs set the mood with unmistakeable familiarity

The moon has not arrived yet, but the sun is long gone

I could try to sleep, but the scene is too exhilarating

So I sit here, soaking in the inspiration

Certain that brilliance will soon overtake me.

*Written on Duke Of Gloucester Street, Williamsburg, Virginia on July 27, 2021, our 30th wedding anniversary.

Holy Spirit’s Response

I serve a God who cares about the details of my life

Who loves me enough to give me moments that inspire me

Who knows me better than I know myself

And can, therefore, choose those moments perfectly

He doesn’t shake his head and think I’m silly

He rejoices in my joy

He smiles because I appreciate His creation

And He smiles because I am His.