The Day I Met George Clooney



I met George Clooney a long time ago. His hair was longer, darker and wavy; not short and tinged with gray like it is now. He was a handyman working to rebuild Edna Garrett’s business. He had a great smile and was a fun, friendly guy. I knew from the moment I saw him we would be life-long friends.

You’re probably thinking that I am delusional about now. Or if not, you are most likely a 40-something like me, and are following me so closely that you are stepping on the back of my flip-flops.

George Clooney joined the cast of The Facts of Life in 1985- that’s where I met him. You too? Small world. The Facts of Life was my favorite show when I was umpam years old. (No, Spell-checker, I am not trying to spells “mumps.” Umpam” is the sound I make when I cover my mouth as I say the exact age I was when I watched The Facts of Life. You “like, totally” missed that!) Something I was thinking about early this morning knocked over a trail of my thought dominos and started a chain reaction that led me here… to the Eastland Academy. I don’t have any earth-shattering revelations to share; just a nostalgic post.
I loved The Facts of Life. It lasted for nine seasons, so apparently a lot of other people loved it too. The show covered many issues that we all encounter when we’re growing up and provided a close-up look at what it’s like to deal with relationships with our parents, friends, teachers and the opposite sex.

Before I start rambling on about Blair, Jo, Natalie or Tootie, I’ll leave you with this… What T.V. household did you enjoy going to as a kid? Did you go there every week? Every day? Maybe you should pay them a visit. You might have left a few things over there, like…smiles, laughs, memories… Why don’t you go back and pick those up? And hey! Take your kids with you. I plan to.