Confetti In My Hair

I heard the clock.
I made it stop.
Then right back into bed I plopped.

And it wasn’t very long before
I was riding on a dinosaur
Through the streets of downtown Vero
In a parade, and I was the hero!

There were crowds of people, cheering for me!
“Hey, kid!” someone yelled, “You’re on T.V.!”
I could hear the sound of a big, brass band.
The president was there, and he shook my hand!

Then someone shouted, “Speech!”
I didn’t know what to say.
Of my entire life, this was the greatest day!

I took the stage with mic in hand,
And as I started to say something grand,
The earth beneath me started to rumble.
I knew people were talking, but their words were a jumble.

I stood there frozen.
I couldn’t make a peep.
I could hear the distant sound of a

Louder came the sound!
The rumbling grew
And I fell to the ground!

I closed my eyes and covered my ears.
Was all I could hear!

This was my big chance!
I felt like a fool.
Then I heard Mom yell,
“Wake up! You’re late for school!”

My alarm clock was beeping.
I was lying on the ground.
There were no crowds of people.
In fact, no one was around.

It was all just a dream.
I wasn’t really there.
But if it was just a dream…
Why is there confetti in my hair?

Mechelle Ritchie Foster

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