Gypsy Soul

Wuthering Heights, Photo Credit- BBC, 2011

Wuthering Heights, Photo Credit- BBC, 2011

Who knows where you came from Why you were orphaned

Why you loved with such hatred
No matter the cost

Yes, mankind was cruel
Their view of you dim

You, in turn hated God
Gave no heed to Him

Or His words…

Or example…

Of your eternal abode…

Of your calculated misery
Upon others bestowed

And yet, I wonder…

If her dying made a crack
In your cold heart

That grew deeper through the years
Every hour you were apart

As your watched her daughter grow,
Did you feel?
Were there tears?

Did you secure her future
Acquiring land from all your peers

Revenge, you said you longed for
Its cymbals, clanged without relent

Inside your head
It drove you mad
You took your life
Did not repent

But I can’t but wonder
As love your protector showed
Left he a fingerprint of compassion
Upon your Gypsy Soul.

Mechelle Ritchie Foster


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