Dear Sir

My heart goes out to men. Especially the men who don’t love sports and who are not six feet tall. The men who would rather see a play than a war movie. The men whose voices are soft and high pitched, not gruff and deep.

Just because you aren’t a carbon copy of the man you consider to be the epitome of masculinity- the man on the football field, the silver screen, or the magazine, you are still a man. God made you a man.

Don’t believe the lies.

Every person, male or female, feels insecure about some part of themselves, whether it be body or soul; wonders if they are good enough; wonders if they will ever achieve greatness; or truly be happy; though they may never admit it. Every. Person.

During these times of insecurity, we need to turn to God, to trust God.

Many people don’t trust God. They don’t think they can. They might not even believe in God… anymore. The distrust and unbelief has a direct link to some human somewhere who let them down, disappointed them, lied to them, hurt them, abused them… But God is not a man. God is a spirit. God does not reflect the image of man. Man was created to reflect the image of God, but they often don’t.

If you’ve been let down miserably by one person after another, tell God. Tell Him you’re angry or disappointed or scared. If you’re not comfortable in your own skin, tell Him. Ask Him the hard questions like, “Where were You when I was being teased or bullied or abused?” Whatever that question is, (the one that always comes to your mind in the middle of the night) ask Him.

But do me a favor; do yourself a favor; after you ask Him those questions, give Him a turn. I’m serious. Give Him a chance to tell you His side of the story. I encourage you. I beg you. Your mind will be blown when He answers you. I’m praying for you. If I know you personally, I’m praying for you by name. We need you. We need husbands and brothers and fathers. We need you! Don’t give up!

One thought on “Dear Sir

  1. Yes Yes. Yes well said. So many of us do look at ourselves and think boy I’d rather. No matter if it’s looking like or acting like. Or Wishing these terrible things never happened to me. Which brings on shame mistrust and a whole lot of problems we have trouble solving. But when you let God, his awesome son Jesus and the Holy Spirit in. OMGOSH. Your life is gonna change sometimes quickly sometimes not. Only I AM knows the answers which is in his own time. But it will come. You’ll see, and feel and know it is he. And when this happens you will be reflecting his image. Oh yes He & life is sooooooooooo good.

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