Tomorrow will be a busy day
So many things to do and say
I’ll exercise, of course
for almost an hour
I’ll feel so accomplished as I sing in
the shower
My healthy breakfast will be the prelude for all other healthy choices
And when tempters offer cake
I won’t even hear their voices
I’ll drink water by the case
Dr. Pepper then replaced
And with a smile upon my face
This new lifestyle I’ll embrace….

Meanwhile in Today Land…
Life isn’t quite as grand
I’m growing fatter by the hour
And my will is losing power
There’s a chance it may well crash
Into my hidden chocolate stash
Too soon, a pile of shiny trash
I hope tomorrow gets here fast!

Written by: Mechelle Ritchie Foster

8 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. Mechelle, I love reading your poetry……I used to write a lot of poetry and loved doing it………You have a gift…….Thanks for including me in your E-mails………You make my day and I love you dearly. Ruthie


  2. Love it! That should be published somewhere besides on your blog, it is the true feeling of most of the population but they can’t write


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