One Drop of Patience

I wasn’t feeling well. I had a terrible sore throat. I asked my husband to get me a cough drop. He quickly pulled the large bag of unopened drops from the vanity drawer. Below the seal of the bag, there was a Ziploc® closure. He tried to open the bag with his bare hands but was unsuccessful. He moved over to my vanity cabinet, which is locked to keep my two year old grandson out of there, used the magnetic key to open the door, and took out the nail clippers.

He proceeded to clip the top of the bag, inch by inch. The once smooth bag was now jagged. “Why doesn’t he just get the scissors?” I thought to myself. “Look at that bag!” The Holy Spirit said, “Don’t look at it! Remember, he’s doing this for you. Think about the lengths he will go through to open the bag and get you what you need!” I looked away and smiled as a reminder to myself to be patient.

At last, the top of the bag was severed enough that my husband could reach the closure, open the bag, and retrieve the amazing lozenge that would sooth my pitiful throat.

Once the bag was fully opened my husband dumped several drops on the counter and then put the bag away. I watched intently as he picked up one drop. “Finally!” I thought. Then he began unwrapping the lozenge. “Really? He’s even unwrapping it for me?! This man is a prince!”

Then he popped it in his mouth.

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