Speak Up

A friend of mine recently explained that a religious spirit will rob you of the joy of doing something for/with God before you even do it and you most likely won’t do it at all. That made so much sense to me because that has happened to me numerous times.

God often speaks to me at night because I’m not distracted by responsibilities. He will often give me an idea or explain a spiritual truth to me and tell me how he wants me to share it. The enemy likes to tell me that I’m just drawing attention to myself and he tries to convince me to just stay behind the scenes, to keep to myself and to stay quiet.

Today, I didn’t listen. I held on to Jesus’ hand and spoke the things He laid on my heart. I really felt if I did that, a stronghold would be broken, not just in me but in the lives of the hearers. I am trusting that it happened.

Dr. Suess wrote a book called, Oh the places you’ll go! When it comes to our adventure of following Jesus, truer words were never spoken!

Praying blessings over you as you journey with the Lord.


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